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Pawffialite & Influencer Program — Your Dog Backpack

Love #YourDogBackPack? Want to make some extra $$ so you can spoil your fur baby with more toys? 

Then join The Your Dog Backpack Pawffiliate Program! To join, sign up below!


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About The Your Dog Backpack Pawffialite & Influencer Program

Who is eligible for our Pawffiliate & Influencer program?

Anyone! Regardless of how many followers you have, you could be someone influential in your community of friends, family, and the internet! 


What do I get?

You get $10 per use of your code! 

You also get a special discount code for your own dog backpack purchase!


Do you give away backpacks for free for this program or to big influencers?

No, we're unable to give out free products. If you're looking for a free bag, that's not something we can do.

BUT — if you're a Pawffiliate Influencer, you'll get a great discount on a backpack, and earn $10 every time someone uses your you'll only need a few people to use your code to essentially be getting a backpack for free!


What deal do my followers get?

Your choice: $10 off or free shipping — on orders of $50+. 

Shipping is free for US, $24.99 for Canada, and $34.99 everywhere else. If your fans are mostly outside of US or Canada, you should choose free shipping for the best deal for your fans!


Can I do a giveaway as a part of the Pawffiliate Program?

Yes! You can do a giveaway where we give away three (3) $20 gift cards to your followers. You would also make $10 on these sales as well.

Then as you do the giveaway, you can promote your pawffiliate code to everyone at the same time. 

Doing a giveaway is a great way to build buzz, and let people know you're a Pawffiliate!  


Why should I be a Pawffiliate Influencer with Your Dog Backpack?

One, because we love dogs and we know you do, too. Our backpacks help kitties go on awesome adventures, or just get to the vet in a more comfortable, less stressful way.

We have the best styles, and really pride ourselves on awesome dogstomer service. 

We're super responsive and open to ideas and feedback on how we can make sure you're a successful pawffiliate!


What will my pawffiliate code be?

We make your code as close to your Instagram username as possible so it’s easy for everyone! You will also get a dedicated link.a

Caps don’t matter when sharing the code.


How do you pay your pawffiliates?

  • PayPal
  • We pay out within 72 hours for each sale


Do you have tips on sharing and getting people to use my code?

Start with who you know!

  • Message and reach out to your friends and family
  • Share in the caption of your Instagram posts
  • Share on your Insta stories
    • Save to your "highlights" and call it, Deal! or Discounts!
  • Email is also a great way to spread the word
  • Other social media channels like Facebook
  • Your blog or website

How much or how often do I need to share my code?

That's totally up to you! We'll keep you posted on when people use your code. The more you share / the more people you tell, the more likely they are to use it. But there's no requirement. 

When I order my own backpack (if I don't have one already) how long will it take for me to get my backpack?

Same as everyone else — 14-28 days for most styles, 7-10 for “The Big Mini” and "The Original" to the US.

Can I start sharing before I have a backpack?

Yes! We recommend you order a backpack ASAP to get started though.